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About Us

The Specialist Eco Dry Cleaners

The Specialist Eco Cleaners was formed to meet the growing and ever-important need for completely chemical free clothing, garment and textile care in the London area.

The earth and it's climate are not as stable as we once thought. The continuous use of chemicals and toxins in todays lifestyle have had a huge and irreversable impact our planet and on our quality of life, adversely affecting the quality of the air we breathe and of the water we drink and bathe in.

Quite often, caught up in our busy and hectic modern lifestyles, we reach for the most common solutions to meet our everyday needs, without further thought as to how much we - as individuals- contribute to the global devestation of the place we all call home.

And it's easy to see why. The status quo is the status quo because everyone chooses it - and NOT because it is necessarily the right choice to make.

But if things don't change, nor will the effect we cause on our environment.


This is why The Specialist has decided to lead by example in it's whole-hearted endeavour to pursue and achieve it's goal to deliver 100% toxin free eco friendly clothing care, through the investment in and deployment of a completely new and previously unseen technologically revolutionary system, which is able to produce results which are superior to traditional dry cleaning, but without the hazardous-to-health dry clean chemicals, and provided to you at better than our competitors' dry clean prices.


It starts with a small step. One day, however, we will get there. A world without the harsh damaging chemicals that reduce the life and quality of mother earth, not to mention reduce our very own lifespans and damage the health of our families and loved ones.

We have a vision. And we really hope you will join us to share it.

The world is a beautiful place.

Let's keep it this way.

For more information about Our Revolutionary Chemical Free Cleaning Process, please click here.

For more information about The Dangers of Dry Cleaning and information about the Toxic Effects of the chemical Perk, (Perchloroethylene (Tetrachloroethylene, PERC, PCE) which is categorically used in the traditional Dry Cleaning process, please click here.