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Dry Cleaning Chemicals Are Dangerous

The Dangers of PERC

As a solvent, Perchloroethylene, a chemical with a sweet sharp smelling odor is commonly used by dry cleaners to handle the cleaning of materials and fabrics. Commonly referred to as Perc, the solvent is used in the removal of dirt and smirk from clothes without them having to get into contact with water at any one time; hence the name dry cleaning. While many people consider this option one of the best ways to clean your clothes, it is one of the most dangerous and environmentally hazardous procedures of cleaning.

Perc constituents are consistent with having some harmful attributes, which are believed to adversely affect the environment and our health. That is why, as a way to save mother earth and have safer, environmentally friendly cleaning, there is need to find a cleaning option that will get the job done, but with lesser risks to the environment.

The danger of using Perc to handle dry cleaning lies in how it is eventually disposed of and the effects of its byproducts and emissions. This solvent adversely affects the three fundamental aspects of nature; that is air, water and soil. The risks presented by Perchloroethylene are many, especially when not disposed of or handled properly.

As it can be inhaled, it presents a major problem to those working with it and around it. Perchloroethylene also easily absorbs into the soil, and greatly alters the micro ecosystems and contaminates water. The issue with this solvent is that it does not break down quite easily, making it a major problem in the ecosystem.

Perc also greatly affects human health when one wrongfully gets in touch with the solvent. Research has shown that Perchloroethylene contains carcinogenic properties. Continuous contact with the solvent may lead to liver cancer. Perc leads to adverse health problems and can cause disorientation; this is one of the main symptoms Perc poisonous.

Perchloroethylene poisoning symptoms  include eye and respiratory irritation, kidney dysfunction, coordination impairment, unconsciousness and drowsiness. This solvent is also believed to alter fetal and baby growth in exposed pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

To fully understand the magnitude of the effects the solvent presents, the State of California in the US consequently banned the use of the Solvent. The ban came after thorough consideration of the effects Perchloroethylene presents to the environment and health. This in turn is set to improve how dry cleaning should be done. This move is proof enough that Perchloroethylene should be sidelined and the use of more eco-friendly cleaning options adapted for a greener earth.

It is therefore essential that more cleaners realize the negative effects this solvent presents and halt its usage. With the global drive to live a greener life, it is time that the cleaners come up with better ways of handling material and fabric cleaning.Stopping its use is the first step in the right direction of ensuring that we have a healthier environment and living healthier lives. That is why we will stop at nothing at ensuring that we are on the right track. Try our neweco-friendly cleaning solutions today for a better environmentally friendly cleaning option.

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