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Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

In the world of dry cleaning, you can get quality biodegradable eco friendly dry cleaning & fabric care. Very few dry cleaners take steps to stop the environmental havoc caused by the cleaning products they use, which are non-biodegradable and toxic. When it comes to use of dry cleaning methods and products, it is no longer about cleaning of clothes and other items, but an issue that centers on doing the job in a clean and environmentally friendly way.

This is available and comes at the same cost as before yet observing cleaning methods that are kind to the environment.

With the innovative research and technology put in and used to offer eco friendly, dry cleaning, we at Specialist Cleaners in London embrace the need to change to natural methods for eco friendly dry cleaning & fabric care. We are not just expert cleaners in London who are keen on using products that are 100% chemical free, but also keen on ensuring we play our part in keeping the earth green and safe while also protecting the values of good health.

The use of eco friendly dry cleaning methods and products keeps fabrics lasting longer. The lack of accumulation of toxic residues on the fabrics is one of the reasons that give the fabrics that robust texture and strength. The same also plays an important role in your health by elimination bioaccumulation of toxins in your body that would otherwise lead to serious health complications.

Good dry cleaning translates to good fabric care. A known fact is that dirt weakens fabrics. However, the methods and products used to clean off dirt also weaken fabrics. We at Specialist Cleaners in London have the expertise to offer quality fabric care while cleaning your clothes. Our eco friendly dry cleaning & fabric care methods offer you a complete cleaning solution that observes the very best of fabric care.



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