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Free Collection and Delivery!

We are happy to offer all of our local customers a Free Collection & Delivery Service!

Please note that the turnaround for the standard free service is two days from receipt of your clothes. A Same Day Service is available (please see below).

We aim to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.  As such, please kindly review the procedure below and we hope that any queries you may have will be addressed.


1) Download the Collection Form pdf here. You will also find the form in your member page once you login to our site.

   (If you cannot view the form, you may bi missing the correct software to do so.  Please click here for Adobe  or here for Foxit pdf, and follow the on screen instructions to install a pdf viewer.

2) Fill in the relevant fields on the form directly on your computer, by clicking on the entry field boxes and entering the relevant quantities, or on the relevant lines and typing the information requested;
         Alternatively you pay simply print off the form and fill the relevant parts by hand.  Please use black or blue ball point pen only (no ink / fountain pens, no pencils, no highlighters).

3) If you require us to undertake repairs and alterations, please be as descriptive as possible when explaining the task(s).  We also encourage photo and / or video descriptions, so simply email us at ____  and tick the relevant
   box on the form letting us know that you have provided supporting evidence / instruction via email.  In sending the videos/photos, please use your first name, surname, and postcode as the email title header, or in the body of the MMS if sending by phone multimedia message.

4)  At the end of the form, please count and fill out the total number of items and confirm this with our collection personnel on their arrival.  At that point you will both sign the form as having agreed the number of items collected.  This is to ensure no discrepancies or mistakes are made by either party.

5)  DOnt forget to fill out your ideal delivery times/dates.  At present this will be between 8pm and 10pm every day.
    Please also fill out all contact details as requested.  Even though we may have your details on our system, it may help our delivery driver on his return journey.

6)  First Collection:  Please place all items in a disposible black bin liner type plastic bag, and place the form in it.  It may be useful for you to make a copy of the form for your reference.
    Subsequect collections:  We will on your first delivery provide you with a free re-usable dry cleaning / laundry bag with your name and postcode on it.  We encourage use of this for all future collections.
                             We will of course wash this for you fo free at regular intervals, so you do not need to worry about this!

7) Same Day Delivery:  Please note that all same day collection and deliveries are liable to a surcharge of 2 x the cost of the standard service per item.  Please tick the relevant box if you require this service.

8)   On arrival Please confirm the number of items wih our personnel.  At this point you will both sign the form as having agreed to the number of items collected.  This is to ensure no discrepancies or mistakes are made by either party.

Should you still have any questions, or to book your collection, please do not hesitate to contact us!