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Professional Ozone Disinfection Service

One of the superior services that we offer is known as ozone disinfection. This is the process of using ozone technology in improving the quality of air and water. With our ozone disinfection solution, you will be assured that cleaning your air and water will be accomplished effectively.

So how does ozone disinfection really work? Ozone possesses high oxidation property. Because of this property, ozone has a strong ability to destroy bacteria and even viruses. The chemical formula of ozone is O3 which is a very unstable gas. It is like oxygen with an extra oxygen molecule. Ozone is produced through the use of electrical discharge and it is captured immediately because of its volatility. The captured ozone will then be directed at the bottom of the wastewater and from there; the ozone will diffuse and do its magic.

But why choose The Specialist when it comes to ozone disinfection? The answer lies to our dedication in protecting and respecting the environment. All of our services, from tailoring to cleaning, are performed with least or no negative effects on the eco-system. We have the right tools, equipments, and machines combined with our knowledge, skills, and expertise to come up with the most effective ozone disinfection process.

You might not notice it but for the last decades, human beings are now more exposed to harmful substances diffused in a body of water and in the air. Through the use of ozone layer brought by our expert personnel, we can disinfect water and air to prevent infections diseases from inflicting people and prevent it from spreading.

We know how important it is to keep our environment safe and free from hazardous elements. This is the main reason that we make sure that our ozone disinfection service is exceedingly effective and above all else of what our competitors offer.