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PERC BANNED In USA and Is Identified As A Major Hazard and A Dangerous and Toxic Chemical

The fight for a greener and safer earth never stops to persist in achieving a better way of living in a clean environment. This fight has crossed into many areas of this industrious earth and caused ripples. A good example is the banned use of Percin the US. Perc, Perchloroethylene is a chemical that has for a long time been used in dry cleaning. Though highly effective in cleaning clothes, this chemical is also considered highly hazardous to both your health and the environment.

The California Air Resources Board made a resounding environmentally friendly decision to ban the use of Perc and any product or machine that contains this chemical. The board classified the chemical to be a hazard terming it as a toxic air contaminant. These hazardous effects were further brought to light to show how they adversely affected the health of people; leading to cancer among other diseases. The state of California issued the ban that over the years has seen a steady drop in the use of Perchloroethylene, and this will culminate in a total blockage in the use of the chemical by January of 2023.

This ban dealt a nationwide impact in which the US Environmental Protection Agency said that the California state rule was to take full effect and enforced by the Californian federal EPA section.

Currently, more and more States are putting their foot down and taking similar steps as California. This is in respect to the finds done on the effects of perchloroethylene. The chemical will contaminate not only the air but also the soil as well as water, which subsequently grapples the organs that sustain Mother Nature. The outcry and concerns demonstrated by the State of California about Perc contaminating the air was just strike that sparked up the fire that would later on burn down the use of a once dominant chemical in the cleaning industry.

The disposal of Perc was rather simple, dry-cleaning companies would ensure the water was clean (though it still contain Perc) before spilling is in the fields. This gradually contaminated the soil directly affecting the flora and fauna. With time the water did find its way to sources of drinking water, contaminating it and leading to a rise in new cases of neurological complications, liver damage, and cancer.

Such are the issues of great concern not just healthy wise, but also environmental that lead the state of Illinois to follow suit in banning the use of this chemical.  Other states are also voicing the same concerns. They may not have banned the use of perchloroethylene because of various influential forces that are against such a move, but their effort bears fruit with every passing day.

The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA has taken a keen interest in the various hazardous impacts caused by Perc. The Agency knows that all eyes are on the measures it will take in addressing the plight faced by the people and environment in the states that are yet to take the necessary actions and seek better ways of dry cleaning other than that of using Perc.


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