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The Specialist applies the strictest standards of quality control and assurance when handling your garments.

Many long-standing professionals in the dry cleaning industry are amazed when they visit our establishment, at the attention to detail, passionate approach, and eager to please attitude that contribute towards the fast-growing recognised hallmark of excellence that is the Specialist brand.

Dry cleaning engineers who have been in the sector for over thirtyyears regularly express their surprise and delight as they inform us that in all their time of service they have yet to come across a dry cleaners that performs as well as we do, as consistently as we do, and as affordable as we do.

We are known as the cleanest dry cleaners in business. And for a reason. (Please read more in our article Health & Hygiene).


Our rigorous assessment and subsequently extremely thorough care ofyour clothing is executed as follows:


1)      Items received

Upon receipt of your garments we will meticulously examine them for stains and other issues. All stains are recorded and individually treated.  We encourage our patrons to inform us if they suspect what the stains may comprise of, as this will enable us to select the correct chemicals to treat the areas promptly and without necessitating the combination of agents (which whill inevitable benefit the life of your clothes).


2)     The Spotting stage

Our highly skilled spotters pride themselves in possessing the ability to remove stains as efficiently as possible. Through knowledge and experience, they choose the correct chemicals to treat the stained areas, whilst always having the greatest regard for the protection and  of your clothes.

We always use the lightest chemicals first.  If the stain is still present, we will use an appropriately stronger agent to treat it.


3)      Dry Clean

Once spotted, the garments are sent to the dry clean area, where they will be once again examined by another person under a different light for any stains that may still be faintly present.  If any are found, ithe item is returned back to the spotting stage.  This will be repeated until the item is stain free.


The item will be put through the dry clean process, and examined again when removed, for some stains only become visible once they come into contact with the dry clean chemical. Again, if this happens, back to the spotting stage it goes, and it will go through another cycle of the dry clean process until we are satisfied.


4)      Steam Press

Having been successfully cleaned, the steam pressing stage is next. 

The item will be pressed to perfection by our highly skilled pressers, who, with over 50 years of pressing experience between them, are able to produce outstanding results every time.

The presser will also examine your clothes for any stains which may appear through contact with steam (such as sugar-based stains, which would not necessarily be visible prior to this stage).  If any stains appear, back to the spotting table it goes, and it will be put through the whole cycle again until the results meet our criteria.


5)      Packing stage

Once stain free and pressed to perfection, only then will your garment be hung ready to be packed for your collection – but before it does, it receives yet another examination by our packing personnel.  If any pressing or other imperfections are noted, the item will of course be sent back to the appropriate stage to be sent through the process once more, before being given the final OK and packed and hung waiting to be collected.