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Specialist Dry Cleaners

When you think of specialist dry cleaning, issues of quality cleaning and fabric care come to mind. However, there is more to it than just that. Special methods of dry cleaning center on using the best and environmentally friendly methods of cleaning to user that, your clothes, you, and the environment are not affected. This is an innovative permutation of technology and care to provide exceptional cleaning results. We stand by our name, Specialist Cleaners, by ensuring that we take that extra leap in every item handed to us to clean. Our processes use eco friendly methods and natural products to ensure that dirt and stains are dealt with properly.

Any professional cleaner should understand the sensitivity of fabrics they handle, be they vintage or modern. Hence, how these are cleaned has a direct effect on how long they will last. Use of effective cleaning products is important, but some products are not safe for use. Hence, specialist dry cleaning has embraced a greener and safer approach of dry cleaning. Our specialty in dry cleaning is an innovative process in this line of work that encompasses expert fabric care. It heavily observes the use of 100% chemical free processes while exploiting the latest in advanced dry cleaning research and technology.

We may focus on being environmentally friendly but our core values of giving nothing but the best results are never over shadowed. When you entrust us with your dry cleaning needs, we ensure that what we offer is enriched finishing methods, which leave your fabrics feeling, looking, and smelling fantastic. Be it modern or old fabrics, our expertise in the field of dry cleaning and our use of natural products that are eco friendly offers a mild yet highly effective cleaning process that gives quality fabric care. So tries us today and enjoy the benefits of specialist dry cleaning service that is kind to you, your clothes, and the environment.