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Specialist Shirt Services

As part of efficient dry cleaning shirt services, Specialist Cleaners in London understand that your shirts need adequate attention when being cleaning. Formal or official, your shirts will speak or give impressions of what you do and the kind of person you are. Therefore, every inch of the shirt should be clean. The collars, cuffs, even the button placement are all things of great concern to us. Very few people know about the attention that goes into cleaning of shirts, not just to remove dirt and stubborn stains, but also to ensure that the fabric looks brilliant, straight, and strong.

A common step when cleaning shirts is pre-treating of cuffs and collars. This ensures that they are clean and have a firm fabric finish. Our shirt services will also cover application of starch, but this is only under the directive of the customer. We can do a heavy, light or medium starching based on given preferences.

We also give advice on how to maintain shirts in relation to their fabric type because not all fabrics can cope with regular dry cleaning. By knowing these issues of quality control and fabric care in our shirt services, we can offer suitable alternatives that will have no harmful effects on your shirts. Regardless of the method we pick,which best suits your shirt, our shirt services are all centered on eco friendly cleaning processes that are also kind to Mother Nature.

So what shirt service will you get when you come to Specialist Cleaners in London?

First is the assurance that your shirts are in the hands of cleaning experts, experts who use a technologically advance cutting edge laundry process that uses natural cleaning products. These products are mild and free of chemicals to ensure the shirts have the best fabric care. You can as well have lost buttons replaced as we clean the shirts. We also hand press the shirts, fold, or place them on hangers depending on the cleaning package you choose. We can also have them starched, but this is not a standard prerequisite of our shirt services.