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Specialist Ski Wear Cleaning Services

Ski clothes or wear should not be washed the same way as regular garments. Since ski wear is different in structure and nature, you need to take special consideration on how you clean it. If you do it in the wrong way such as using ordinary detergents, it can easily lose its water-proof property. Ski wear is made up of a particular material that makes it a little more difficult to clean. If you are not that confident with your knowledge on how to clean your ski clothes or you lack the necessary materials and machine, then it will be wise to hire professional ski wear cleaning services.

Thankfully, we, The Specialist, are always ready to take your problem and consider them as our very own. Your ski wear deserves proper care and handling that will not be possible without the expert knowledge like what we have.

So how do we clean your ski wear? First we will identify what type of material is used in your ski wear. This is done by reading the label or using our clinical eye to know the type of your ski clothes. We only use detergents that are friendly on your garment. At this point, we would like to mention that we do not use harmful substances or chemicals such as those that can be hazardous to the environment and to your health.

Thus, we are proud to say that we do our job in the eco-friendliest way possible and keep in mind the welfare of Mother Earth at the same time.

We completely understand how important it is to preserve the integrity, quality, and original design of your ski clothes. Thus, we are constantly striving for excellence in every service that we do and not just in ski wear cleaning services. With this in mind, you will be happy to entrust your ski clothes to us.