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Specialist Suede and Leather Cleaning Services

Leather is one of the most versatile and flexible fabrics ever known to man. Since the time we thought of clothing ourselves, leather is the most primitive material used for covering our bodies. Not only that, leather is known to be used in various accessories such as shoes, cowboy boots, jackets, purses, coats, dresses, belts, wallets, and many others.

If you are like most people, you probably have one or more belonging that is made of leather. Inevitably, your leather possession will get dirty and needs cleaning. Without the proper care of your leather, no matter how durable it may be, it will eventually lose its beauty and shorten its lifespan. For this reason, it is very wise to resort to The Specialist’s suede and leather cleaning services.

The Specialist is the leading company specialising in dry eco cleaning in the UK. We pride ourselves of having the essential skills, knowledge, and equipments to deliver the best cleaning services in London. Once you tried and tested our services, you will surely stick with us and will not look for another.

We understand the anatomy of leather cleaning. With our revolutionary cleaning techniques and top-of-the-line cleaning machines, we can assure that your leather is safe with us. We choose carefully and only use leather cleaners that are of good standard. Thus, we do not just clean your leather but also maintains its quality and durability.

But you might think why choose us instead of others. The answer is that we are different from others in terms of our care for the environment. Usually, cleaning fabrics and other materials can potentially damage our eco-system because of the harmful chemicals being used. But we, The Specialist, give extraordinary attention to our environment and always make sure that every inch of our job does not or only minimally harm Mother Earth.