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Wet Cleaning Process – A Revolutionary New Way to Clean Previously Dry Clean Only Clothes

If you are wondering how you can clean your dry clean only garments, then the best method to use is the wet cleaning process. Environmentally conscious companies have switched to this method that uses particular equipment, biodegradable chemicals and water to clean clothes of different fibers and fabrics

The concept of dry cleaning is a process of cleaning that uses a solvent, and though this is in liquid form, the term “dry” applies to the lack of using water in the entire cleaning process. Hence, the dry cleaning process has for years been the top choice more so due to the fact that not all fabrics require water for cleaning. This process used cleaning chemicals that become hazardous – point in case Perc. Though the job would get done, the negative impact on health and the environment would not be overlooked.

However, with the introduction of a better option of chemical free dry cleaning – wet cleaning, the tables have taken a turn for the better. This has introduced the use of water in technologically advanced methods and use specialized equipment. Specialists who do wet cleaning, use only non-toxic solvents and other chemical free additives to offer a 100% safe cleaning solution that will pose no hazards to your health or and the environment. Wet cleaning is by far a better cleaning option that gives outstanding results when compared to dry cleaning of clothes. In fact, these additives, which are mostly biodegradable detergents and conditioners, are milder than most laundry products.

The one question that many London wet cleaning companies ask is how safe is the use of wet cleaning when the environment is concerned. Environmental Protection Agencies across the globe have backed the use of this method stating that is the safest way of cleaning clothes. This is because it is not an air pollutant, and bears residue or waste that will contaminate soil or water and become a hazard to the environment.

Critics will ask if something is said to be safe does it mean it is the best pick to use. With wet cleaning products the answer will be yes, they are the best and safe option for all your dry cleaning clothes. The beauty of using wet cleaning is the fact that the process is always evolving and more and more naturally safe cleaning solutions are found.

The future of wet cleaning as the ideal choice for dry cleaning clothes seems bright. The constant evolution it undergoes is one part and the consistency in being environmentally safe is the other. Wet cleaning evolves and each time it becomes better and improves the various cleaning qualities is has to offer. The changes of perfection do not affect the key reason why this is the safest option; hence, leaving its image as a process that the best eco-friendly cleaners London opt to work with. In fact, more and more companies in the dry cleaning industry foresee that wet cleaning will play a big role in the success of the industry.

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